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1100 Bethesda Side Rd.

Richmond Hill , ON L4A 7X5

1100 百世嗣達路


Monday to Sunday

10:00am to 5:00pm

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Richmond Hill Cemetery Inc.
​ Traditional Festival Memorial Services


Richmond Hill Cemetery Inc.holds collective public memorial services during Qingming, Chongyang, and Winter Solstice each year. On the day of the ceremony, our staff and guests pay tribute to all resting souls by offering incense, toasting, presenting offerings, reading eulogies, and praying for their peace in heaven. This ceremony serves not only to mourn the deceased but also to respect the traditional Chinese filial piety spirit. We respect not only life but also the perpetuity of cultural essence.

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A Place of Blessing for Chinese Ancestors

Richmond Hill Cemetery

The largest Chinese cemetery in Ontario and the only Chinese blessed land on the Bayview Dragon Vein.

Located near the scenic Lake Wilcox Eco Park and the evergreen Oak Ridges Moraine running north-south. It's situated in bustling Richmond Hill, yet away from residential areas. Backed by rolling hills, it is a natural blessed land.

The total planned construction area of the Chinese Garden is approximately 35 acres, planned and designed by a well-known professional company in the industry. From site selection to planning and design, the Chinese cemetery focuses heavily on the harmonious unity of architecture and nature, following Feng Shui design orientations of being backed by hills and sitting north and facing south, and gathering the wind and qi. It harmoniously integrates traditional Chinese tomb culture with local modern architecture.

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The Importance of

Richmond Hill Cemetery

  • More suitable choices: Choose the way you like at your pace, including earth burial, cremation, family cemeteries and  columbaria.

  • Lock in the price in advance: Cemetery prices and supply/labor costs are rising every year. Locking in current prices allows for worry-free arrangements.

  • Reduce the burden on family and children in the future: Avoid economic and emotional burdens on surviving relatives in the future.

  • Enjoy your later life with advance arrangements.

  • Various installment payment plans are available for easy management.

  • Families can bring future generations to visit your resting place for years, fostering familial emotions and a sense of identity.

  • All pre-arrangement contracts are legally protected.

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