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Shinto Garden

The Shinto, which means the path to the gods or the path to the place where the souls of the dead reside, is a path lined with human stone beasts. Upon entering the blessed land, visitors can feel the mysterious and noble atmosphere here, expressing the nobility of the people buried here and making the deceased live comfortably in another world.


Chinese Immigrant Culture Square

Immigrants' struggle in Canada over the past hundred years. The Immigration Cultural Monument in the center silently reminds every visitor of the Canadian Chinese history two hundred years ago that should not be forgotten.

Lotus Garden

The Lotus Garden is shaped like a lotus flower. The white tower in the center is a symbol of Buddha's body, the lotus is his Buddha seat, and the white tower is surrounded by lotus. Visitors can enter the tower through four bridges, as if stepping into the holy land of the Buddha country.


Chinese Natural Garden

The design of this garden uses natural gardening techniques. The pagoda is the soul of the natural garden, where ashes can be placed, and visitors can sit quietly and mourn here.

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