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​ Family tree customization



Family Tree & Family Biography

In the blessed land, we provide a full range of family tree services, carefully build a family tree for you, record the development trajectory of the family, shoot family albums, and write biographies of important family members. Further more, we will also assist you in tracing the source, finding relatives of the same clan scattered around the world, and continue to carry forward the spirit of the family.

What's more, your family tree will have the opportunity to be engraved on the family monument in the blessed land and become a permanent memorial that has been passed down for a hundred years. The prosperity of the family, every touching family story, will be permanently preserved here, and descendants from generation to generation will be able to learn about their roots from it.

In addition to this, we also provide a series of customized services, including making personal albums, high-definition reproduction of blurred old photos, writing personal memoirs, making CDs, novels and other additional products, and even creating personal websites for you. All these services are designed to allow you to better preserve and pass on your own and your family's stories, so that future generations can better understand their family history and find encouragement and inspiration from it.

In the blessed land, we respect the story of every life and provide the most intimate and professional service for every customer, so that every story can be best recorded and passed on.


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