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​ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the cemetery located?

A: The address is 1100 Bethesda Side Rd Richmond, ON L4A 7X5, Canada, near the intersection of Bayview and Bethesda Side Rd.

Q: How is the Feng Shui of the plot?

A: In Chinese culture, it's ideal to have a plot "backed by mountains and facing waters". The Chinese Memorial Gardens are located near the renowned Wilcox Lake, surrounded by lakes of various sizes. The whole area is situated on a hillside, facing water with a northern exposure - an excellent Feng Shui layout.

Q: Are there management fees for the plot?

A: No. In Ontario, all cemetery maintenance and management fees are included in the price of the plot.


Q: Is it maintained permanently?

A: Yes, the government requires that a portion of the sale price be deposited into a government-regulated fund. The interest from this fund is used for cemetery maintenance - a permanent guarantee, relieving customers from paying any additional fees.

Q: Do the rights of use of the plot permanently belong to the buyer?

A: Ontario law stipulates that once the interment rights of a plot are sold, they permanently belong to the customer. This means that you and your heirs will always own the interment rights of the plot.

Q: Can a family member who has passed away in my home country be buried here, or can their cremated remains be brought here for burial?

A: Yes, but you will need to provide a death certificate from your home country or other provinces.

Q: What kind of tombstones can I choose?

A: Richmond Hill Cemetery offers a variety of Chinese or Western-style granite tombstones for customers to choose from. Please request a product catalog from our customer representatives.

Q: Why should I purchase a cemetery plot in advance?

A: Just like real estate, cemetery plot prices have been rising. Over the past decade, the prices in most areas have doubled, and good plots with Feng Shui considerations are increasingly scarce. Buying in advance is provides both cost certainty and a way to ensure future security.

Q: I have religious beliefs. Are there religious sections?

A: Richmond Hill Cemetery has created a "Western Natural Garden" for Christian families, a "Guanyin Garden" for Buddhist customers, and a "Natural Garden" for atheists, catering to the needs of customers with different religions and beliefs.

Q: Can I customize my tombstone or family cemetery?

A: Our professional designers can customize tombstones and family cemeteries to meet your needs.

Q: Can the plot be transferred?

A: Yes, it can be transferred with a minor administration fee.

Q: Are there property taxes for the cemetery plot?

A: There are no property taxes for the cemetery plot.

Q: When can I schedule a viewing?

A: Please contact us 24 hours in advance at 647-323-2868.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us. Our professional customer representatives will assist you.

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