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Phase I Western Geometry Garden



Phase I Western Geometry Garden

The Western Geometric Garden at Richmond Hill Cemetery deeply embodies the mourning for ancestors and respects the spiritual connotations of Christianity. Within the garden, a unique cross axis cleverly simulates the shape of the cross, symbolizing redemption and hope, demonstrating a profound expression of respect for life and eternal faith.

The Western Geometric Garden will offer a variety of burial options, including cremation plots, burial plots, and columbarium walls, to cater to different needs and traditions. Here, our professional team will provide attentive, caring services, respect each departed's life story, and help you find a peaceful resting place.

In the Western Geometric Garden, we not only preserve memories of the past, but also create a hopeful place for the future. This is a place to express mourning, respect, and hope, a place to contemplate the connections between life and death, and between the past and the future.

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