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Trust account


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Forever Belonging, Forever Peace of Mind

In Ontario, all cemetery operators who sell burial rights or scattering rights, or allow the placement or scattering of cremated remains in the cemetery, must  establish a care and maintenance trust fund. The purpose of this fund is to ensure that the cemetery receives long-term and constant maintenance and upkeep to respect and remember those who rest here.

The operation of this trust fund has strict legal regulations. Cemetery operators are not allowed to use or touch the principal in the trust fund, and this money can never be used for other purposes. The only thing that can be used is the interest earned in the trust fund, which is used to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery.

This system ensures the long-term and continuity of the fund, and there will be funds for necessary maintenance and upkeep as long as the cemetery exists. This eternal interest mechanism generated by the principal ensures that the cemetery can receive long-term care, so that everyone who rests here can get the dignity and respect they deserve.

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