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Cemetery on the Dragon Vein



1100 Bestheda Side Road

Located at 1100 Bethesda Side Road, Richmond Hill Cemetery Inc. boasts an enviable geographical location. It sits near the crossroads of Bethesda Side Road and Bayview Avenue, east of the central axis of Yonge Street, atop the beloved Bayview Dragon Vein of the Chinese community, making it an ideal choice for those seeking auspicious Feng Shui locations.

The site's geographical location is exceptional. It is located on high ground in the Greater Toronto area, offering a panoramic view of the metropolis, and located near Wilcox Lake, with an advantageous geographical position. The scenic lake, verdant rolling hill views, and the abundance of greenery create an open, bright space where the land is as distinguished as the people it honors.

In addition, the site has excellent transportation links. It is only a three-minute drive from the HWY 404 exit, providing convenient and quick access. This allows descendants to easily visit their ancestors, carrying on centuries-old family traditions and culture here.

With its unique geographical location, beautiful natural scenery, and convenient transportation, the site provides an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful, dignified, and Feng-Shui compliant cemetery. Here, we respect the life story of each deceased and accompany you and your family through every unforgettable moment.

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