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Chinese Immigrant Culture Square



A Hundred Years of
Chinese Immigration History

Located in the Richmond Hill Cemetery, the Chinese Immigrant Cultural Square is a precious place to record and showcase the history of Chinese immigrants. This is a vivid historical corridor, starting with the Canadian Railway Chinese Workers Memorial, symbolizing the beginning of Chinese immigrant history and their great contributions to Canadian society.

The Chinese Immigrant Cultural Square is scaled by year, and the sides of the corridor record the history of Chinese people in Canada. From labor and struggle, to success and contribution, each event, each story, reflects the resilience and perseverance of Chinese immigrants, and their contributions to this land.

Visitors here can review the history of Chinese immigrants' struggle from these historical records, understand how they overcome difficulties and contribute to Canadian society. At the same time, this corridor is also a place to look forward to the future, where visitors can see the future development direction of the Chinese community and deeply think about the role and responsibilities of Chinese in the global society.

For members of the Chinese community, or anyone interested in learning about Chinese history and culture, the Chinese Immigrant Cultural Square is an important place for learning and reflection. Here, we respect the past, remember our ancestors, and look forward to the future of the Chinese community.

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